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"The best collection of magic on the internet."  

- Zee J. Yan 

“Whether you’re a complete beginner or a well seasoned performer, The Daily Magician has something for you. They have a wealth of information, amazing magical effects, and solid training material. Not only that, but also a wonderful community to share it with.”

- Danny Goldsmith

“There’s a reason that some of the top magicians in the world reach out to The Daily Magician for help. They. Know. Their. Stuff! When I get an email from them, I stop what I’m doing and read it immediately! They’re THAT good.”

- Steven Bridges

"I haven't enjoyed magic this much since I went to the Magic Castle in the 70s."

- Wes Bucey

"I keep learning so much from your videos and write-ups, thanks a million for all the hard work you've both put into these. I am so lucky to have the benefit of your collective wisdom!"

- Julie John

"Some of the best insight I've listened to in such a long time. It's helping me polish and refine my approach to rebuilding my performing business."

- Mike Sorensen

"Best magic newsletter ever!!"

- Elisabeth P

"I would like to meet you in person someday and thank you for all your emails. I love 'em!"

- Kanaad D

"One of the smartest guys I’ve ever known! The site looks great and the material looks even better!”

- Adam Grace

"I've been in magic long enough that I've seen a lot. (I was buying magic from Tannens when Lou and Irv were alive.) There's been a lot of good changes in teaching magic that have come along—you are one of them."

- Thomas Redmond

"I like your approach and your emails very much. There is so much honesty, i appreciate it a lot. You keep me in awe."

- Udo

"I LOVE your emails! Having practiced Mentalism for over 60 years, I appreciate your training a batch of new magicians. One of your readers could become the next David Copperfield or Dai Vernon!"

- Bernie M

"I just started my magic journey at the ripe age of 46. I really like the daily emails, you guys are doing a great job. I'm glad I stumbled across your site!"

- Steve Galgano

"You are a great writer!"

- A. G.

"I really enjoy this newsletter! Keep up the great work!"

- Eddie Tobey

"I am both personally & Professionally delighted to receive news from The Daily Magician.

The content is always excellent. It is clearly visible to all those who value the performance of Art of Magic & that an impressive amount of work and research goes into creating their communications. 
They are well-written, genuinely helpful, excellent topics & totally interesting. This is further reflected on their website.

For all those who value the Art, irrespective if they are beginners, hobbyists or indeed seasoned performers, The Daily Magician is of value to all who want to evolve and perfect their performances.

I am delighted to see the Art honored in such positive ways."

- Anthony Darkstone

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