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“Whether you’re a complete beginner or a well seasoned performer, The Daily Magician has something for you. They have a wealth of information, amazing magical effects, and solid training material. Not only that, but also a wonderful community to share it with.”

- Danny Goldsmith

“There’s a reason that some of the top magicians in the world reach out to The Daily Magician for help. They. Know. Their. Stuff! When I get an email from them, I stop what I’m doing and read it immediately! They’re THAT good.”

- Steven Bridges

"I haven't enjoyed magic this much since I went to the Magic Castle in the 70s."

- Wes Bucey

"I keep learning so much from your videos and write-ups, thanks a million for all the hard work you've both put into these. I am so lucky to have the benefit of your collective wisdom!"

- Julie John

"Some of the best insight I've listened to in such a long time. It's helping me polish and refine my approach to rebuilding my performing business."

- Mike Sorensen

"Best magic newsletter ever!!"

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- Kanaad D

"One of the smartest guys I’ve ever known! The site looks great and the material looks even better!”

- Adam Grace

"I've been in magic long enough that I've seen a lot. (I was buying magic from Tannens when Lou and Irv were alive.) There's been a lot of good changes in teaching magic that have come along—you are one of them."

- Thomas Redmond

"I like your approach and your emails very much. There is so much honesty, i appreciate it a lot. You keep me in awe."

- Udo

"I LOVE your emails! Having practiced Mentalism for over 60 years, I appreciate your training a batch of new magicians. One of your readers could become the next David Copperfield or Dai Vernon!"

- Bernie M

"I just started my magic journey at the ripe age of 46. I really like the daily emails, you guys are doing a great job. I'm glad I stumbled across your site!"

- Steve Galgano

"You are a great writer!"

- A. G.

"I really enjoy this newsletter! Keep up the great work!"

- Eddie Tobey

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