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Many Magicians Are Aware That ‘The Stack’ is the MOST Powerful Tool in Card Magic!

But Far Fewer Can Stomach the Time to Truly Master it…

 …until NOW!

Introducing: ‘Master any Stack’ the ultimate app trainer for learning stack that makes it as easy and fun as playing a game…

…we PROMISE it’s not your fault if you’ve tried learning stack before and have given up or never reached mastery - you just needed this!

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Dear friend,

Some will argue, but pretty much all top magicians agree that a ‘Stack’ is the most powerful tool in all of card magic. 

If you already have a stack down, PLEASE keep reading, this release is as much for you as anyone else.

So what's the stack? 

Many of you will know already but essentially it can be summarised in two simple sentences.

Here they are:

  • For any CARD in the deck, you instantly know the POSITION of it.

  • For any POSITION in the deck, you instantly know the CARD there. 

For example, if someone were to ask you where the Jack of Hearts is in the deck, you’d be able to instantly answer them by saying ‘20’.

Likewise, if someone were to ask you what card was at position 44, you’d be able to tell them ‘The 9 of Clubs.’

Don’t let the simplicity of this fool you, there are infinite possibilities that are unlocked by this simple concept.

There’s only one problem though…

Stack is notoriously hard to master and resources are few and far between.

Of course, there are a lot of excellent magicians using the memorized deck, with books full of their ideas and routines using this system.

We’re well aware we’re standing on the shoulders of giants such as Juan Tamariz, Simon Aronson, Sti Stebbins, Pit Hartling, Denis Behr and more!

But there’s one area that almost all of these resources are ‘lacking’ in, and it's this:

How to memorize the darned thing!

We ourselves have been sharing memorized deck training for learning the stack and performing with it for YEARS!

Here’s just snippet of the feedback we’ve received during that time…

 "When used properly your brain has the ability to remember large amounts of information with relative ease.

This training unlocks that super power and takes your magic to a level you likely thought was out of your reach"”  - Danny Goldsmith

"Absolutely fantastic. This really makes me VERY EXCITED. I think Simon Aronson would be proud!”  - Arthur Poon

 "I already learned more about the memorized deck then in the last 5 years. The teaching style is also very casual and even not being a native speaker I understand everything.

Two cool guys just changing the way you see card tricks. And casually opening a new dimension to magic.”  - 

 “Now I have a powerful tool that doesn’t take up any extra pocket space that helps me perform real magic.

The explanations and examples about the stack mechanics are great. I am really enthusiastic about this and the material is really good.”  - 
Randy H.

Our method is a very powerful tool that will enable you to memorize any given deck of cards in minutes.

However, to turn the initial memorization of the deck into a muscle-memory, lightning-fast knowledge of the exact location of any given card, we recommended our customers use a number of fun 'drills' and 'exercises'. 

These exercises help you get quicker and quicker at recalling the information you have memorized, until you correctly can name the location and identity of any card in your sleep!

At the time, there was an application in the app store that offered this kind of thing.

Sadly, the app in our opinion was not very good.

It had ZERO customization and ZERO training on how to get the stack down other than to brute force it into your brain with mind numbing repetition.

It worked decently in collaboration with our training - but it was far from up to our standards of memorized deck material.

So we got ambitious and asked ourselves...what if WE could create an app?

The app would need to be a lot of things, but most of all, it would need to do everything below…


  • Within 1 hour you’re able to go through the stack from start to finish with relative ease (we showed how to do this LIVE using the ‘Babylon secret’)
  • Practicing stack everyday is as easy as opening your email!
  • You can learn any stack you want, with relative ease (no more silly questions about “which stack!?”)
  • You have a tool that allows you to practice stack your way (complete customization!)
  • Stack mastery is not a chore - but a leisurely process that you hardly notice is happening! 
  • You have an easy application for studying your existing stack and making sure it’s always up to scratch! (the stack is a tool that must be properly maintained or it becomes dull very quickly…) 

This all sounds a little too good to be true right? 

Well let’s show you what we’ve been working on. 

Once you see everything we’ve created in this brand new and revolutionary app, you’ll understand how everything above is not only accurate but easily attainable. 

Here’s what the app looks like: 

Here's everything the app can do...

‘Master Any Stack’ is the best, fastest and most user friendly way to memorize the order of a deck of cards. 

Create your own stacks or learn a pre-programmed one (such as mnemonica), learn our original method for memorization and game your way to stack mastery with our addicting practice settings. 

1. ‘Learn the Method’

Under this tab you’ll find video and text training all about our method for learning the stack. 

This knowledge is highly sought after and 1000’s of customers depend on it for their own stack work.  

2. ‘Customize Your Stack’

So many people begin their journey to learning stack by asking a completely useless question: 

“Which stack?” 

We say: you can learn them all.

Under this tab you’ll be able to pick a stack to practice, as well as add your own CUSTOM stacks. 

Essentially you can learn an infinite number of stacks with this app, or stick with those we’ve pre-programmed. 

(pre-programmed ft. Mnemonica, Aronoson, Sti-stebbins) 

3. ‘Practice P.A.O’ 

Our method for learning the stack uses the unique P.A.O Method (person, action, object.) 

You will be able to enter your own custom values and practice them within the app! 

In order to protect the integrity of our methods we won’t go any deeper into that here, but you will be able to practice P.A.O within the app. 

4. ‘Practice the Stack’

This is where you’ll spend most of your time.

In the ‘practice the stack’ part of the app there are a lot of settings you can play around with! 

You can practice any part of the stack e.g. 1-10, 5-25, or 1-52 (anything you choose!) 

You can also practice based on suits, odd cards, even cards, red or black cards and more! 

You can also set your own rules for the training deciding whether you want to be timed, lose lives, or practice in free play mode. 

Your custom stacks also automatically sync with this part of the app. 

Each day you practice you’ll update your streak! 

Also introducing a BRAND NEW update - Before/After and Mix modes...

One of the things you NEED to know when learning stack is which card comes before and after the one you see. 

This new mode will help with that.

Here's what it looks like: 

We've also added a mix mode, which alternates between asking you the position of the card or the identity of the card, as shown below...

As you can see, we’ve thought of everything you could ever need to learn stack.

Trust us - here’s everything we’ve spent on memorized deck training…

It’s not worth the grueling process of trying failed method after failed method before finally giving up.

In just a few days time, you’ll look back on this purchase and be amazed at how much your stack has progressed in such a short amount of time.

Here’s what professional magician Steven Bridges had to say after testing the app out for himself: 

Steven Bridges

"This is the app I've always wished existed! To learn a memorised deck, I've used many different paid flash card apps, and none of them come close to ‘Master Any Stack’!

It it's built by mem-deck experts, with beginners in mind! It has every feature you need, features you just can't easily replicate with other memory apps.

This is going to save people an unbelievable amount of time. We're talking MONTHS! It's going to save people months of time.

And, it's the perfect app to keep your mem deck fresh in your mind! Just a couple of minutes per day on the app will make sure every card stays sharp in your head!

Basically, I'm a massive fan of this! I'm glad it's cheap, because honestly you could have made this a $50 per year and I'd still get it."

Here's what one of our customers had to say about using our product...

Charles Gillan

"I purchased Mnemonica nearly twenty years ago and spent a year trying to master the stack. I used all of the techniques suggested in the book despite having a terrible singing voice and cringing whenever I listened to the recording.

Every night I went through the stack backward and forward before sleep. After about a year I had marginal confidence in doing the first trick in the book because the block/memory/mind reading trick gives ample time to recall the cards.

I never really had confidence in instantly seeing the card as a number. After being away from magic for several years, a friend showed me a Mnemonica stack app on his phone.

The app looked fun so I searched the iPhone app store for Mnemonica stack apps ...

I read the description of the app and decided to give it a try. I watched the video, studied the method and tried it. I was shocked at how easy it was to memorize the Stack and was amazed at how quickly I could see cards as numbers. If I had used this method when I purchased Mnemonica, I may have never left magic. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in memorizing a deck of cards."

So now we get down to price. 

We’ll be honest, we’ve spent thousands of dollars getting this app developed. 

At first we’d believed we’d have the price the app around the $100 mark. 

But here’s the thing, we’re really freaking proud of this, and we want all magicians with even the smallest bit of interest to have this in their hands. 

As a result, the app is priced at $39.99! 

However, for this week only we're dropping the price down to just $29.99!

You should know though, that we understand that many of you will want to see if the app really delivers on everything we’ve promised. 

You can only truly understand that by getting the app on your phone and playing around with it yourself. 

So if after checking out everything the app has to offer you don’t feel it’s what you expected, we’re happy to offer you a 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED refund.


And by the way, there’s no expiry on that. 

If at any point down the line you want to get your money back, it’ll be back in your account before you can yell: 


All that being said, this is a limited time offer. 

Buy below:

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