You've Never Seen A Move Like This.

Trident is a stunning vanish and production of a card that will fool ANY audience. 

First...you do what they think you're doing

Let's face it. The backpalm is an incredibly powerful move, but there

Then...you flip the script

​Keep this section short and to the point. And use text highlights such as this one, to add some visual variety and emphasize important statements.

​Keep in mind that even if you use a video as your main sales tool, not all visitors will watch it. Don't hesitate to repeat important points from the video in your written copy on the page as well.

​What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

​In this section, show a visual representation of your product and describe exactly what your visitor will get if they purchase. Is the product delivered digitally? Does it include support? Are there any bonuses? Describe everything here.

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